Experts in Design

Experts in Design

We design and engineer products for the safety, medical and consumer markets.

We take the time to get to the heart of your idea. Always looking for new ways to make your product excel and create innovative designs that your users will love.

Our Process

Although every project is unique; we follow the same proven design process formula with all of our clients, in adherence with ISO:13485. Tailoring each stage to your individual needs.

Understanding what the product needs to do.

Our research phase is about creating the most accurate framework and brief for your product design. By understanding what your product needs to do, the market which it will be sold in and the people who will use it, we can create a design brief that will meet your product needs.

Designing the right product.

Taking the information we have learned from the research phase, we now look at the best way to design your product. We need to consider how the design meets any industry testing and standards. To ensure the design adheres to your visual brand language. Then we work on creating a representation of what your product will look and feel like.
Depending on the best option for both the client and the product this could be done in a number of ways. 2D sketches, 3D modelling or even written representations. The aim of the concept phase to create a firm direction for the project development.

Engineering the product to meet its needs.

For many of our clients this phase can be one of the most exciting parts of the design process. When we move to creating a working product. Our development phase is multi-disciplinary. Including mechanical engineering, electronics integration, software development and prototyping.

Proving the product performs.

Qualification is all about making sure that the product will perform in the environment it will be used in. This phase could include a variety of test. Such as impact, fire and water protection, through to ensuring that users like using the product. We will also walk your product through any testing and certification required for sale in your markets.

Delivering the product.

In this final stage we specify the components required to make this a successful launch. For some clients it might mean a detailed product specification. Which they then send to their own production company. However other clients may require us to arrange everything from packing design through to production. The decision is yours. Product design is an iterative and personal process both in terms of the product being created. And the needs of the client and their business.