3D Printed Goggles

Product: Mountain Bike Goggles
Company: Custom

When Protection becomes a matter of necessity, Design Reality acted fast to develop and 3D Print a pair of bespoke Mountain Bike goggles engineered to do exactly that.


Taken from art to part and into action on the Alps, we designed, 3D Printed and prototyped goggles, which were used to ensure the safety of its user, no matter the daunting conditions.


– Research & Development
– Industrial Design
– Prototyping
– Human Factors
– Regulatory Requirements
– Manufacturing


The initial conception for this case study was to demonstrate a day in the life of a designer. Couple this with our love of GoPro cameras and the outside world we thought that the goggle story would be a great way to express our flair and passion for design. Whilst demonstrating the techniques and capabilities of our company. The Project scaled only 3 days, whereby we utilised our extensive design ergonomics and anthropometrics database to begin the initial conceptualisation and styling options.


Following this phase, the design was taken from concept into 3D CAD using Creo 2.0 to model the goggles. Once the goggles had been completed it was time to transfer the data to our Objet500 Connex 3D printer.

The finishing touches were applied using Lexan’s plastic material to form a visor for the goggles and a comfortable elastic strap.

Stylishly Functional

We focus on making products, which are functional and not just aesthetically appealing. In this instance, there was no better way of testing our design than pushing our goggles to their limits on in the Alps of Chamonix.

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