Reviving a Classic

Product: Classic+
Company: Airdri

When Airdri, the undisputed world leaders in washroom hand-driers, came to us with their brief, their objective was fiendishly simple…

Fit the new, more efficient motor into the space that used to house the old motor, without interfering with any of the delicate electronic components nearby.


– Industrial Design
– Electronics

Designing Precision

In a project where millimetre precision is only the beginning, supremely accurate models and prototypes were critical.

Our team first built a 3D CAD model of each individual component – including a comprehensive 3D scan of the motor. Using this, we came up with a design that made the best possible use of every part of the available space. The new component was a triumph of space-efficiency. In fact, it worked so well that we were ultimately able to fit two motors into one housing. Two motors means two drying outlets – allowing twice as many people to try their hands at each drier.

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Troy Baker

New Product Development Director

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