Portable Design

Product: Airflo Duo
Company: Mangar Health – Winncare Group

With around 250,000 falls taking place in UK hospitals every year, how healthcare providers manage such incidents is vitally important.

In order to protect healthcare workers from musculoskeletal injuries when helping fallen patients, staff are trained in moving techniques and provided with specialist equipment.

But falls don’t just happen in the wards, and lifting/transportation equipment can often be heavy or cumbersome.


– Electronics
– Regulatory Requirements
– Industrial Design

The Brief

Mangar have specialized in floor lifting equipment for over forty years, offering a range of hospital, bathing and bedroom lifting devices, many of which are inflated through a patented Airflo pump.

Mangar approached Design Reality to redesign their existing Airflo pump’s electronics due to some overheating issues, the microcontroller not being available and battery capacity increase.

The Result

When updating or adding new features to a pre-existing design, it’s always important to understand the features that need to be carried across.

In this case, the outer shell and amount of air output both needed to remain consistent with the existing line – but the electronics inside needed to be common across all variations.

Our team of specialist electrical engineers were able to re-engineer the electronic circuity and printed-circuit-boards (PCB) along with the firmware controlling the device to Mangar’s specifications – all while keeping within the constraints of the same outer shell.

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