Improving Resistance

Product: AV-3000
Company: Scott Safety

When firefighters go into a rescue situation, two factors can make a huge difference to whether they come out again. How well they can breathe. And how well they can see.

When new safety standards in the US came into effect, our partners Scott Safety had one clear objective. They needed to reduce CO2 re-breathe levels to below 1% with minimal component changes, to ensure Fire Departments could meet the new safety standards without excess cost.


– Industrial Design
– Prototyping


We set ourselves the additional challenge to improve the overall wearer experience – better comfort, better vision and better air-flow – all without the need for re-tooling.

Thanks to our on-site prototype facilities, progress was rapid. Designs went from CAD and stereolithography files in our Wales offices on Monday – to working prototypes ready for testing at Scott’s facility North Carolina on Friday.

Improving Design

The new AV-3000 successfully exceeded the primary brief – CO2 re-breathe levels were reduced to 0.75%, and the need for a ground-up redesign was avoided. But we also delivered two critical extra benefits; improved comfort in-use, and a better field of view for the firefighter.

At Design Reality, we know great design doesn’t always have to cost more. Because of that, we’ll always go the extra mile to find clever solutions that really work. We think it’s what makes us stand out from the crowd.

Troy Baker

New Product Development Director

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