Scanning Scanners

Product: CelT Phantom
Company: North Wales Medical Physics

Testing modern CT scanners with conventional test tools has proved problematic for the healthcare sector. The need for cost-effective, time saving and suitably designed phantoms is rising.

When North Wales Medical Physics approached us to help research and develop a phantom that would provide realistic and effective testing of diagnostic CT scanners, we knew our experience of materials and material processing would bring significant advantages to the project.

Our brief was to create a phantom that would replicate human soft tissue under CT scan conditions and be easily stored, transported and assembled on a CT scanner bed.


– Industrial Design
– Human Form Design
– CAD Design

Award Winning Innovation

Modern CT scanners account for changes in patient shape and size. To replicate this, the CelT Phantom consists of four elliptical blocks of differing sizes, representing the most common cross sections of the human body.

The NWDMP won the Innovation Within the NHS Award for the CelT Phantom, sponsored by the Welsh Government’s National Institute for Social Care and Health Research. We are proud to have played such an integral role in its commercialisation, helping to ensure CT scanners provide the correct treatment dose to patients at an affordable price for all NHS authorities.

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Richard van Berkel

Embedded Software Engineer