User Led Design

Product: CoagMax
Company: Microvisk

Having developed a unique micro-viscometer technology, Microvisk’s first venture is into the medical field, utilising their technology within a hand-held device to measure the viscosity of patient’s blood much more quickly, comfortably and efficiently than has previously been possible.


– Industrial Design
– Reverse Engineering
– CAD Design


Traditionally, PT/INR testing is a time consuming process, only able to be carried out at specialised clinics. The CoagMax makes monitoring blood coagulation as simple a test to perform as blood-glucose, through the use of disposable strips on which their technology is carried.

More than just an electronics packaging exercise, the design of the device included complex mechanical components required for the strips to interface with the internal electronics in a controlled, reliable manner.

UX Design

As the device would be used by the patient at home, as well as professionals in a clinic, the enclosure had to look the part but also include features friendly to the elderly or infirm.

Externally, the device has a professional appearance and feel, with features tailored to aid less-able users at home. The enclosure features smooth, easy to clean surfaces, consisting of soft, high grip sections, and hard plastics to provide positive feedback through the large, tactile buttons.

Richard van Berkel

Embedded Software Engineer

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