Design Efficiency

Product: Convatec
Company: Bristol Myers-Squibb

Most projects take months to go from concept to production. Not this one.

When the Convatec team from Bristol Myers-Squibb came to us with a healthcare body-wash dispenser that had failed at the final-tooling stage and a seventeen-day deadline, their brief was simple. Make it work.


– Industrial Design
– Concept-Production
– CAD Design

Ease of Use

Experimentation and research in our design facilities soon revealed that we would need to re-design the entire project, from scratch. Usually you have months to finish a project. Sometimes you have less than three weeks.

Because the Convatec range is designed for healthcare environments, our key priorities were simplicity and ease of use. We built in a large push-bar dispenser that can be operated with either the hand or the elbow, and a clutter-free outer casing that allows multiple units to be grouped together without interference.

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Richard van Berkel

Embedded Software Engineer

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