Simple – Effective

Product: DPG
Company: Scott Safety

The DPG offers immediate understanding of air supply, temperature and time to whistle* (*time to whistle is a firefighter and first responder term for when and individual can be called out of an incident by the system without having to check every minute when their air might run out.)

Our task was simple – convey all of this technical information in a fool-proof, easy-to-use design.


– Industrial Design
– Concept-Production
– CAD Design

Simple – Effective

We worked up a user interface that is controlled by a single user button also ensuring the user can concentrate on saving lives and not getting to grips with ‘some gadget!’

Featuring a Rechargeable Li-ion battery, the DPG is fully submersible in water and is approved to ATEX standards. Along with developing the robust plastics we also designed the covering protective rubber boot and replaceable protective screen cover. All with a permanently back lit colour TFT screen with an extremely high contrast user display to ensure all require info if visible in any situation / environment.

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Richard van Berkel

Embedded Software Engineer

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