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Product: Game of Stools
Company: Focus Games

Design Reality was approached byFocus Games, to develop a fun and competitive board game, designed to teach healthcare professionals about Clostridium difficile in an engaging and effective way.

The game should help to encourage discussion between players about prevention and management of infection. The game rules were written to reflect the desired game outcomes. C. difficile is a life-threatening, highly transmittable bacterial infection that may require patient isolation and stool transplant. Therefore, one of the main criteria for us was to respect the clinical protocols that apply in different real-life scenarios of disease progression and treatment.


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We worked closely with our medical advisors from BCUHB to ensure that the game was both true to reality and engaging. The game was designed for 2 players or 2 teams of players. We created the board and 5 types of cards for the game: Fact cards, Question cards, Test Result cards, Poo squares and Action squares. A standard die and a 7-sided die determine moves and outcomes, whilst actions are determined by the square on which one’s chosen figure lands.

The rules

The aim of the game is to be the first player/team to correctly answer five C. difficile-themed questions or the first player/team to successfully treat a patient for C. difficile.

There are 3 possible outcomes from each result card, therefore a subtle traffic light system reflects the varying outcomes. A C. Difficile Severity Assessment Card features colour-coded outcomes in order of severity. This colour coding is carried across to each of the Treatment cards. Upon landing on a Poo square, the player rolls the 7-sided die, which prompts a stool sample and can lead to clinical isolation. Once a player is in ISOLATION, on their next go they draw one of 3 possible Treatment cards, which determines their course of treatment. The winner is the first to get successfully treated for C. Difficile.

The team at Design Reality appreciates the benefits of Game of Stools as a training tool for medics and was happy to see Focus Games coming up with another, designed to help healthcare workers and students develop their prioritisation and decision-making skills during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The outcome

In a trial across all three main Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board hospitals, Game of Stools was played by 85 healthcare professionals. Players completed pre-game and post-game questionnaires on C. difficile infection. After playing Game of Stools, 98% of participants answered more questions correctly, demonstrating a definite increase in knowledge. Many improved their scores by up to 50%.

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