Human Centric Design

Product: Spinal Demo Unit
Company: Invibio

When Invibio approached Design Reality to help facilitate their project idea for a medical display aid, we knew that our experience designing and developing human centric products would bring an additional benefit to the project.

The aim of the program was to design and fabricate a bespoke medical display unit that simulates the natural movement of spinal implant rods when attached to the human vertebrae.


– Industrial Design
– CNC Machining
– 3D Printing

Design in Motion

With this in mind, the rods were required to continuously flex to a specific angle and demonstrate the effect when force was exerted. Drawing attention to this specific movement had a bearing on the particular material choices and assembly of the display unit. The Unit is powered via a geared motor transferring rotational motion within the units base into the spinal implants fixed above, which ensures that focus is maintained on the flexing rods and not the physical mechanism that drives the unit.

We used a combination of CNC Machining and 3D printing which gave us the opportunity to prototype and test the functional and aesthetic properties of the unit. Furthermore the added benefit of 3D printing the spinal rods gave a genuine replication of a human spine section and ensured the display unit mimicked the movement that was required.

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