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Product: Prosthetic Leg Covers
Company: LIMB-art

Working with a new start-up company headed by Paralympian Mark Williams, we created a range of prosthetic leg covers designed to empower the user and break down the taboos surrounding limb loss.  LIMB-art products have found immediate success, with recognition from some of the UK’s leading charities.


– Start-up Advice
– Industrial Design
– Additive Manufacturing
– 3d Printing
– Human Factors

Additive manufacturing

Using small batch in-house additive manufacturing as a precursor to traditional injection moulding, we were able to capitalise upon the rapid lead times and resilient nature of the Nylon substrate offered by the HP4200 printer.  The leg covers are tailored to the user while offering degrees of strength well beyond the capabilities of existing SLS printers.  The covers are used by wearers day in, day out, and in all conditions

Pure creativity

In effect starting with a blank canvas and with instruction to make something unique, we created a range of visually striking designs that not only captured the influence and preferences of founder Mark, but that could be produced in a range of mediums,  and tailored to the individual.  Finishes included paint, hydrodip, custom wrap and speciality film to complete the order and provide results that are as unique as the wearer desires.

Bespoke production

Using human factors knowledge, we created a range of sizes providing wearers with a level of visual symmetry and ensuring compatibility with different prosthetics.  To support the start-up nature of the business, we designed a scalable solution to trial small batch production before moving onto full scale moulding.

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