Aesthetics with Function

Product: n-Gauge
Company: Nightingale-EOS

When Nightingale-EOS approached us to talk about how we could bring stronger branding aesthetic and functional flexibility into their latest n-Gauge housings, we were keen to take on the challenge.

The revolutionary n-Gauge metrology unit offers the user the ability of characterising the thickness and material properties of thin film coatings on a wide range of devices from medical implants to optical coatings.


– Product Design
– CAD Design

Branding Design

Basing the design around an internal chassis allowed the design to focus on housing the high tolerance optical assembly from both a functional and aesthetical standpoint.

Our team first built a 3D CAD model of each individual component – including comprehensive 3D data of the optics assembly. Using this, we came up with a design that made the best possible use of every part of the available space.

Development was driven with precision and stability in mind, offering a solution that provides internal flexibility and maintenance paths, with minimal impacts on overall product size.

Working with the client at every stage of the design process allowed the project to deliver, a clean, technical looking product that incorporated and developed the Brand identity of Nightingale-EOS.