Groundbreaking Sports Therapy

Product: ProMOTION EV1
Company: Swellaway

Our medical team worked with Swellaway to design a ground-breaking sports therapy device. Our electronics engineers and design team played an integral role in creating the Swellaway Pro, developing a patented medical device to treat musculoskeletal injuries.


– Research & Development
– Electronics
– User Interface
– Regulatory Requirements

Innovative Technology

Swellaway Pro offers controlled compression combined with cooling and heating peltiers in a fully portable device, removing the need for ice, water and heavy equipment. Unlike any other product on the market, it delivers a full user management solution, from prevention through to rehabilitation all in one device.  Designed as a programmable device, with four treatment cycles which can be customised for the user.

Research & Development

We believe in delivering products which offer true benefits to the user. To help us gain a deep understanding of the problems we were trying to solve, we partnered with physiotherapy experts from Manchester Metropolitan University and Central Lancashire University.


Based on the PRICE guidelines for treating injuries,  our electronics and mechanical teams worked together to devise a sophisticated system to cool and heat the user’s injury site to temperatures ranging between 6 and 40 degrees Celsius, whilst providing precise, adaptable compression to the wounded area.

User Interface

To ensure ease of use for the physiotherapist and athlete, our software designers created a desktop programme which can be used to create a unique rehabilitation programme by the physio.  This data can also be downloaded to monitor the devices usage when the product is used off-site.

Regulatory Requirements & Certification

We provided regulatory support for our clients which included passing 15 separate standards to ensure the product was designed as a Class IIa medical device.  The ProMOTION EV1 is also Pending CE certification.

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