Hands-Free Thermal Imaging

Product: Scott Sight
Company: Scott Safety

Since the 1990s, firefighters have used hand-held thermal imaging cameras to see through the thick smoke often encountered in fire fights. These systems are often heavy, bulky, and require firefighters to make split-second decisions between looking down at a thermal imaging camera screen or keeping their eyes on the situation around them.  The advancements in electronics technology created an opportunity to reduce the component size of the thermal imaging equipment and design Scott Sight, the award winning hands-free, in-mask thermal imaging system, which provides unrivalled situational intelligence for firefighters.


– Electronics
– Industrial Design
– Product Engineering
– Human Factors
– Prototyping
– UX Design

Unobstructed Awareness

For firefighters in critical environments, situational awareness is essential.

Scott Sight’s head up display merges neatly inside their existing masks without an obstructed field of view, while the mask-mounted thermal imaging camera allows the firefighters’ hands to be free and ready to tackle their environment.

Seamless Integration

Firefighters need complete trust in their equipment.

By working with Scott and their existing Scott Sight product range, we were able to design a retrofitted camera and in-mask display system which combine seamlessly with their already familiar firefighting apparatus.

Award Winning Design

In recognition of its exceptional innovation, Scott Sight won the coveted iF Design Award in 2017.

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