Comfort meets Function

Product: Spirit SX PAPR system
Company: Scott Safety

The Spirit SX PAPR system is so advanced it enables people operating in the same challenging environment to utilise different settings to ensure the optimal protection, comfort and safety of each user.

Individuals can tailor the way they wear the Spirit SX depending on the situation faced, thanks to the advanced electronically controlled and maintained power unit, which is programmable to meet the precise needs of both the user and its application.


– Industrial Design
– CAD Design
– Electronics

Advanced Protection

This revolutionary system was designed to work as an integral part of the user and environment, helping to improve safety. What’s more, the comfort, adjustability and individuality that the internal electronics offer are matched by its improved shell and wearability.

With its automatic start-up checks and operating status notifications, the unit checks safety before entering any hazardous environments. When operating in action, this system helps to prevent user error by employing a suite of alarms to alert the user of mis-alignment or incorrect fit.

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