Inclusive Design

Product: Talking Newspaper USB Player
Company: Royal National Institute of Blind People

Accessible design applies an understanding of customer diversity to the design of mainstream products to better satisfy the needs of more people. Working with Talking Newspaper Services, the goal was to develop an inclusively designed Internet radio to meet the needs of the visually impaired.

At Design Reality we believe there should be no aesthetic compromise when designing aspirational products for the mainstream vs the inclusive market. A well-designed product will have many layers, some of which you see and experience immediately and some that are revealed through continued use. Designing these layers from the outset allows for a single product to span multiple markets with features that only become apparent to specific users.


– Industrial Design
– Accessible Design
– CAD Design
– Electronics

Accessible Design

Designing with sensory touch allowed the use of cold aluminum to define interface boundaries, touch capacitance to increase the intensity of the illuminated controls the closer a user gets, a rubberized interface surface to increase frictions of the user’s finger tips allowing slower navigation around the tactile buttons and the use of warm touch wood and fabric panels to occupy the front, side and rear to confirm that no input is required in these areas.

In parallel, the use of technology transforms traditional talking newspaper methods of recording news articles to be posted out to users on tapes an memory sticks, to a faster and more current service, visually impaired users will have online access to a library of up to date information that meets their localized and national needs.

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