Saving Lives by Design

Product: Telemetry Entry Control Board (TECB)
Company: Scott Safety

As part of Scott Safety’s Alert ATS Modular Telemetry System, the Telemetry Entry Control Board (TECB) delivers critical levels of accountability, as individual first responder’s cylinder pressure, time remaining and time elapsed data are transmitted in real time.

The TECB is an electronic entry control system evolved from the design of a traditional first responder tally board and is capable of monitoring up to 12 personnel at any one time. When a first responder prepares to enter an incident environment, an identification tag is removed from their breathing apparatus and is inserted into the TECB which registers the tag.


– Industrial Design
– Prototyping
– CAD Design
– Electronics

Complex Tracking Made Simple

Safety critical data is displayed on individual TFT colour screens which allow the safety control officer to see live updates. The TECB has the capability to receive signals such as voluntary withdrawal, panic and man down alarms and display the appropriate warning symbol to give the entry control officer enhanced situational awareness should one of his personnel have an issue.

What’s more, the TECB utilises a traffic light warning system for each of the TFT colour screens so the situation of all personnel can be viewed in a single glance. If any or all of the responders need to be called out of the incident, this can be done with a single button.

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