Improving a Classic

Product: Yoke
Company: The Davies

The British love shopping. Buying new things we love – good!
The British also hate shopping. Trying to browse while also carrying three or four bags – bad!

Father and son team Peter and Matthew Davies approached Design Reality with an idea to solve the problem: a hands-free bag-holder to be worn over the shoulder.

What they needed was a design partner to turn a great idea into a tangible reality.


– Industrial Design
– Prototyping
– Moulding
– Manufacturing

From Design to Reality

Working with the Design Reality team, the Davies were able to take their idea from rough concept to a manufacturable invention. Thanks to our flexible, client-centred process, we were able to rapidly assess and incorporate an extendable shoulder-strap that locks into place to make hands-free shopping a reality.

We were also able to provide advice and support during the moulding and tooling process, and produce prototypes to support the product sell-in.

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